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Centre for Share, Commodity & Currency Market Education & Awareness
Sudeep Tiwari's

About Us
St Money Mantra Indore is established by  re-knowned Technical Analyst Mr. Sudeep Tiwari in 2007 for providing quality education in the area of share market, commodity market and Currency Market. we have trained more then thousands of Trader, analysts, Brokers, Students and housewives using various scientific theories and methods in last 8 years, who are enjoying sucessful career in this field.
We are the only one in India, who provides contact number of our ex-students, so that you can talk to them before joining us. It's our achievement that our ex-students will suggest you to join us. We organised stock and commodity market training programmes in Indore, Bhopal, Ahmedabad, Rajkot ,Jaipur, Mumbai and Pune.

What Drives Us
Our goal is to help the Investors, Traders, analysts to secure their Capital and Increase their Profitability.


About Sudeep Tiwari
Sudeep Tiwari is a committed professional Technical Analyst and a trader.He has done M.B.A in finance. He has a vast experience of analyzing & trading the share & Commodity Market since 8 Years. He has good command over operating various technical analysis software like Meta stock, Advance Get, Iris,Telequote,Falcon etc. Whom Students are not only working as a trader and analyst but few of them are working as a trainer too.He is taking workshops at Indore, Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Jamnagar and Bhopal.
What We Offer ?
We offer following training programmes;
   Stock Market Courses.
   Commodity Market Courses.
   Currency Market Course.
   Technical Analysis Course.
   Elliot Wave Course.