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Centre for Share, Commodity & Currency Market Education & Awareness
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We have designed this course, Specially for those people who doesn't know anything about Share, commodity and Currency Market and want to enter in the market in an awarded way. Here we will cover each and every basic concept of the stock and commodity market which is essential to enter in the market.

Topics Covered

Share Market

1. What is share Market?

2. Why does companies issue Shares?

3. What is IPO/FPO/RI ?

4. Difference between Primary and Secondary Market.

5. Different types of Exchanges : NSE/BSE/RSE.

6. Concept of Index: nifty/ Sensex.

7. Types of Accounts : DMAT & TRADING A/c.

8. Concept of Offline and Online Trading.

(a). How to watch Online Trading Terminal ?

(b). How to Trade Online ?

9. Concept of Intraday, Swing Trading, and Investment.

10. Concept of long and short position.

11. Concept of Support, Resistance, Upward/downward breakout and stop loss.

12. Concept of Exchange Traded fund.

13. Difference between cash and derivative market.

14. Concept of future contract, expiry, margin.

15. Fundamental Analysis;

(a). Importance of fundamental indicators{i.e.P.E.Ratio, E.P.S., Projected E.P.S.}

(b). future price calculation

(c). Stock selection criteria

Mutual Fund Market

1. Types of Mutual Funds.

2. Types of Mutual fund Schemes.

3. How to select good Mutual Funds ?

4. Hot topic- Mutual fund vs Ulip.

Basic Programme On Investment And Trading

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