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Centre for Share, Commodity & Currency Market Education & Awareness
Sudeep Tiwari's
Accurate & Profitable

Highly profitable and accurate  techniques for stock, commodity and currency trading.

Low Risk & High Reward

Special focus on low risk and high reward techniques for intraday and positional trading.

Sudeep Tiwari, Director

 Sudeep Tiwari has trained more than 2000 stock, commodity and currency market participants.His students are successfuly  working as trader, investor, advisor, broker & trainers.He has a very good command over various trend following and counter trend trading techniques.                 More...

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Course Medium : Classroom and Online.

Course Objective : To Make You a Successful Intraday & Short Term Trader, Investor and Analyst.                                                              Market Covers : Stock , Commodity and Currency Market

Course Highlights

Simple Trading Strategies with the Risk Reward Ratio of Minimum 1:3 and Higher

Simple Trading Strategies for Intraday & Short Term Trading.

Special Focus on Price Action Trading Techniques.
Trend Following and Counter Trend Trading Strategies.

Stock Sellection Methods for Intraday and Positional Trading.

Real Case Study of Our Own Trades.

     Advance Program                          On Price Action Analysis