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Sudeep Tiwari's

Concept Of DerivativeTrading

1. Difference between Cash and Future.

2. Concept of Future Contract.

3. How to trade in futures ?

4. Benefits of Future Trading.

Trading Stratiges For Futures

1. Arbitrage.

2. Hedging.

3. Calendar spread- Bullish and Bearish.

Introduction To Option Market.

1.Concept of Option Trading.

2. Concept of Call and Put.

3. Difference between Exercise and Square off.

4. Difference between Option Buying and Option Writing .

5. Benefits of Option Writing.

2. Cost of Carry.

3. Put Call Ratio.

Importance Of Derivative  Indicators

1. How to use Open Interest and PCR for identifying the trend.

2. How to Option data for identifying the Support and Resistance.

Option Trading Strategies

1. Long Straddle.

2. Short Straddle.

3. Long Strangle.

4. Short Strangle.

5. Long Gut.

6. Bullish and Bearish Call Spread.

7. Bullish and Bearish Put Spread.

8. Butterfly Spread- Bullish and Bearish.

9. Iron Calendar Spread.

10. Collar Strategy.

Special Trading Strategies

1. Nifty trading Strategy (A safest strategy for Nifty, Which generates 6 to 8% Monthly returns from option trading. )

2. Covered Call Option (A unique trading strategy which generates 3 to 4% monthly returns.)


Use of Option Software for Calculation of maximum risk and returns.

Advance Programme on Derivative Trading and Analysis (Option Trading Course for Stock Market, Commodity Market and Currency Market)